Mixed Green Salad

I like to make a big bowl of this salad once a week and have it ready for a quick lunch or even just when I’m hungry between meals. Print […]

Tropical Green Smoothie

Print Recipe Tropical Green Smoothie Course Breakfast, Smoothie Servings Ingredients 1-2 handfuls spinach or kale1/2 cup cucumber1/2 banana1/4 cup pineapple frozen1/4 cup peach frozen1 tsp ground flax and chia eachwater […]

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Print Recipe Mixed Berry Smoothie Course Breakfast, Smoothie Servings Ingredients 1/3 cup frozen berry blend1/2 banana1 stalk celery1 cup kale or spinach or greens powder1/2 avocado1 tsp ground flax1 tsp […]

Glowing Green Smoothie

Print Recipe Glowing Green Smoothie Servings Ingredients 1 handful spinach2-3 leaves romaine lettuce1/2 avocado1/2 cup cucumber1 stalk celery1/2 cup pineapple1/2 banana1/4 inch fresh ginger peeled (or dash of ginger powder)icewater […]

Sweet Potato Broccoli Soup

Such a thick, nourishing soup. It makes a huge batch so I like to freeze it in small mason jars. Print Recipe Sweet Potato Broccoli Soup Servings Ingredients 4 small […]


The flavours in this recipe are so good! You get the authentic Mexican fajita flavour here but without the carbs.   Print Recipe GRILLED CHILLI LIME CHICKEN FAJITA SALAD Course […]