Why diets you’ve tried in the past haven’t stuck

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Ever tried eating “good” starting Monday but failed by Friday? Or tried a new diet but failed after just a few weeks? I have….many times!

Diets in the past (and most still) have been about calorie deprivation, or simply “eat less and exercise more”. But if you’ve ever tried that you know it just doesn’t work. You may have been able to stick with it (usually with a lot of struggle) for a week or maybe even a month or two but soon enough you just can’t stick with it, those cravings take over and you are back at square one.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know it’s NOT because you were weak or lacked will power. Will power is not the driving force behind lasting weight loss and better health.

What DOES work is focusing on changing what is going on internal in order to change the external. Specifically speaking, that is changing the make-up of your gut bacteria, balancing your hormones and your blood sugar. That is what has taken me from always struggling with those extra few pounds and CONSTANTLY thinking about food (actually I was a food addict) to now living a life of freedom from those food cravings.

All I wanted to do was eat that McDonalds breakfast sandwich (actually I really wanted like 4 of them) or eat the whole bag of chips, the whole tub of ice cream. My biggest weakness was those little Swedish Berries. I couldn’t walk past them in the store without salivating. I would try my hardest not to eat these foods but once they were on my mind I couldn’t forget about them until I fully indulged (it was more like a binge). After, I would feel bad about myself. And the next day I would vow to do better, only to repeat the same cycle over and over again.

You CANNOT rely on controlling what you eat via your mind or will power. It actually is signals from the body that ultimately have the control. You must work to rebalance what has gotten out of balance and THAT is what the Mama Recharged Program and way of eating is all about.

If the focus of a diet is on low calorie foods and not on the quality of the food then we are having no impact on what is going on internally. We simply are putting huge mental effort in trying to rely on will power. At some point (usually sooner than later) we cave. We find it too hard and go back to how we were eating. The fact that you couldn’t stick to it is not your fault. It is extremely difficult to stick to in that case.

After strategically changing the way I eat I no longer have those intense cravings. Even though I have some food restrictions I actually live with WAY more freedom. Food doesn’t control me anymore. I now find I enjoy the taste of fruit or a big hearty salad. It doesn’t seem like much but this shift has made a huge impact in my life. Not only am I no longer obsessed with food but I have been able to eat what my body really needs in order to feel good – to get my energy back, to clear up my acne, to reduce the gas and bloat, to clear my constant sinus congestion…I could go on and on.. And if I can do it, you can do it too!

I truly believe the only way to get to this place of freedom, and to lasting weight loss, is by making a shift in what is going on internally and this can all be done by strategically changing the foods you are eating. And that is the basis of the Mama Recharged programs.

The reason you may have failed in the past is not because you were “weak”. It’s because you never addressed the underlying root cause which most diets DON’T!

If you resonate with what I just said, I want you to know you don’t have to accept living life this way and I want you to know that you CAN break free from the control of cravings! I also know that you likely don’t know where to start. Making changes can be tough and that is why I have created the Mama Recharged community and Mama Recharged Programs. Come on over to our free private Facebook group of supportive mamas just like you. Click here to join.

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