August Challenge: Wake Up Early!

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Tony Robbins does it, Richard Branson does it, George Bush does it, Oprah does it, Benjamin Franklin did it…..  Some call it “me time” others “the hour of power”. You might not have an hour so why not try “thirty minutes to thrive” or “fifteen minutes to fulfillment”… The idea is to wake up earlier, before everyone else and relax, rejuvenate, plan, accomplish.  You might be thinking, “I’d rather sleep.” but this time can really be life changing. Having that productive yet rejuvenating “me time” makes a happier, more productive, more confident mom.

Achieve those goals you’ve been wanting to achieve. Get happier. Have more productive days. Stick to that healthy eating plan. It all starts with the quality of your morning.

What do you do in that hour?

You can customize it how you like but I find what has the most impact for me is:
Exercise – either a run, walk, yoga, or weights or rowing machine that I keep in my garage so I can be outside as the sun is coming up and doing my workout.
Meditate – this is the hardest for me to consistently do but just sitting quietly for at least 5 minutes focussing on my breath or listening to a guided mediation on You Tube makes such a big difference. It can lower your cortisol…and a lowered cortisol can be huge for fat loss…among other things.
Plan – plan out my day. Think about how I’d like it to go, what I’d like to do, what healthy foods I’d like to eat, what I need to get done…. because what is planned is what gets done.
Read (or Listen) – I usually prefer an audiobook or podcast over reading and I choose something informative like a health podcast.
Gratitude – I write down 5 things I am grateful for. It re-wires your brain to focus on the good things that happen in your day rather than focusing on the bad and as moms of your kids it’s so easy to focus on all the little frustrations that come along with that.
and… Drink Coffee – for me this is a must for a good morning. If I can have a cup of coffee before the kids wake, I’m a much more pleasant mama.

The “Miracle Morning” has a system called the SAVERS:

S – Silence (or meditation)
A – Affirmations (positive self talk)
V – Visualize (vision board or dream board)
E – Exercise (walk, run, yoga…)
R – Read (or listen to an audiobook or podcast)
S – Scribe/write (journalling, to-do lists, game plan…)
…more on this at the end of the post.

I’ve been doing this off and on for the past three years. I started getting up early enough to have time to myself before my daughter (who was then just 2) and husband woke up and before the busyness of the day began. Waking up on my own terms seemed to make a big impact on my morning…and my day. I was happier and more motivated when I had my quiet time first thing.

I tested out The Miracle Morning protocol (at the end of the post) during the winter and committed myself to trying it out for a month to see what impact it had in terms of happiness, enthusiasm, clarity and productivity for the day. It turns out the impact was huge…and I got in good shape. I plan on customizing the “Morning Miracle” protocol instead of following it exactly. If you are going to join me in this challenge you may want to start with the protocol and then customize it to what works and what you like.

I think this simple and enjoyable habit can benefit so many people. Here are a few tips:

  • Get into a routine. You will be more successful and won’t get off track if you don’t have to think or decide on anything. Try to keep it the same whether it is cup of coffee, plan for the day, workout, read… just try to keep it the same.
  • Get to bed a bit earlier. It’s good to get up early but not if it means you sacrifice sleep. My laziest, grumpiest days occur when I haven’t got enough sleep. A short evening routine, that includes less screen time and possibly more reading might help. Once I have Ashton to bed at 8:30, for the most part, I try not to go on the computer or watch TV, but instead grab a book and read and/or have a bath. The blue light that TVs and computers emit will disrupt the melatonin levels in your body making it harder to fall and to have a restful sleep.
  • Include stuff that you really enjoy. I love to plan so I make sure that is part of my morning. Whether that is planning my meals, planning my activities with Ashton or small projects I want to get done. I also love to visualize and create, so I occasionally do a dream board. I also occasionally spend some time with a cup of coffee and Pinterest. If you love to do DIY projects but don’t usually have time, why not do that in the morning when you have no interruptions. The small sense of accomplishment at the start of your day will give you more energy going through the day.
  • Find a quiet, relaxing spot in your house. Have notepads, books, motivating images or quotes within reach. I have  a small office area in the basement that I set up.

Customize your morning and turn it into a routine! Here are some ideas:

  • Grab a coffee or tea
  • Plan your meals for the day or week
  • Map out your day
  • Make a to do list for the day, week or month
  • Journal – especially if something is on your mind. Just grab a pen and paper and write down whatever is on your mind. You can even shred it after. The act of writing it out can really help get it out.
  • Visualize – think about what you want to do or accomplish or make a dream board
  • Read
  • Exercise – A walk or run outside, yoga, or short HIIT workout
  • Listen to podcasts (great to do while you walk or run)
  • Guided Meditation to relax and get focused (search on Youtube or iTunes podcasts)
  • Gratitude – spend a couple minutes thinking about what you are grateful for (I found this actually works to feel happier and more grateful throughout the day)

More on the Miracle Morning:

The author, Hal Elrod (his personal story here), has summed up the Miracle Morning in an acronym Life S.A.V.E.R.S.


I have this in a little frame on my desk as a reminder. It follows the Miracle Morning protocol. If it is helpful to you, you are welcome to print it off.

I would love to know if you plan on trying it out this month. If so post on the Mama Recharged Community Facebook page (it’s a private page) that you doing it. Don’t worry about being perfect at it. I know it’s summer holiday time for many. I’m not going to worry about doing this every day, especially if we are away, but will just do as much as I can do.

I hope you try it. It really is a game changer!


And I bet with this new morning routine you’ll want to consume more nourishing foods. If you haven’t done so already, download my free Smoothie Guide. It’s full of delicious and nourishing smoothie recipes that I personally drink daily. It’s the perfect fast food.

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