Clean and Simple Meal Plan

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This week is a combination of barbecued summer-time eats like burgers and chilli lime chicken along with the warming comfort of a creamy bowl of soup or slow cooker chicken. As I always do I find that planning 4 meals each week is a nice amount. Some nights are leftovers, some are eating out and some nights we grab something from the freezer to reheat. You can make leftovers a little more tasty by changing it up a bit. For example, eat the chilli lime chicken fajita as a big salad one night and for the next night add corn tortillas and guacamole for tacos!

Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken with Rice and Steamed Vegetables 

Cheaper and healthier than takeout! Drizzle steamed vegetables with olive oil and top with sea salt

Ham and Potato Corn Chowder

Make it dairy free with almond milk (or other non dairy milk)

Lettuce Wrapped Burgers with Apple Coleslaw and/or foil pack Roasted Vegetables

…because it’s barbecue season! Omit the american cheese and top with healthier favourites like pickles, mustard…and a little ketchup. For the coleslaw, cut down on the amount of mayo and/or sub in Veganiase.


Because it was a winner last time, I decided to put it on the plan again!


Are you feeling tired, wanting to shed those extra few pounds put on over the winter, wanting control over those sugar cravings? I hear you and let me tell you: You are not alone! That is why I created the Mama Recharged 7 Day Cleanse!
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