Good ‘n Natural Health Food Store Grocery Haul

Good ‘n Natural Health Food Store Grocery Haul

Check out my health food store grocery haul from Good ‘n’ Natural Health Food Store in Steinbach (video below)! I recently restocked my pantry and ditched any of the junk that made its way in (or at least tucked away) to really dial in my nutrition for summer!

Good ‘n Natural is one of my favourite places to shop. If you haven’t been I highly recommend you check it out. They have an amazing selection, not just of supplements, but of local, high quality meat and produce as well as tons of healthy, gluten free snack options for those busy days or camping trips plus a great selection of cosmetics, safer sunscreens and cleaning products. Possibly my favourite part of shopping there is the girls that work there. They are a wealth of knowledge and are super genuine and friendly. When you embark on a clean eating, gluten-free journey it can feel lonely, especially if there aren’t many around you eating and living the way you do. I remember feeling like that when I first set to change my lifestyle and my health and I remember that connection with my local health food store, the staff and even chatting with the other customers being so important.

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What’s one of your favourite health food store staples?

Have a great day mama!


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