Meal Plan Monday – Super Simple 1 Prep – 3 Meal Strategy!

Meal Plan Monday – Super Simple 1 Prep – 3 Meal Strategy!

So I’ve been a bit lazy and disorganized these last couple weeks in the meal planning department. 4pm would roll around and I would have no idea what we were going to eat. I had no meat out to thaw so we ended up having something boring or convenient (and usually unhealthy). I find it’s so different though if I’m organized and have a plan! Even if I don’t fully stick to the plan, it really helps to at least have it. So this week I am planning just 3 recipes. We love leftovers at our house (actually I love it) since it’s cook once – eat twice. So these three recipes could potentially cover us for 5ish meals. And I’ve organized these meals so you do most of the prep in Day 1 and have extra ingredients already prepped for your other meals. One side note: if you are eating meal 1 for a couple days, you will want to throw your extra cooked chicken in the freezer right away so it’s fresh for Meal 2 when you go to make it. Then you could even have that meal 2 nights in a row and the chicken still be good. Another side note: you could potentially use cabbage in all three meals if you like. A couple reasons I love cabbage… 1. It is super cheap and it makes for a lot of food. Shred that sucker up and you will see what I mean. 2. It has anti-cancer properties, detoxifying properties is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory! It’s known as one of the worlds healthiest foods, and is one of the cheapest foods….but also one of the gassiest! To help better digest it (especially when eating it raw), slow down when eating and chew well, take a digestive enzyme with first bite, and a little apple cider vinegar with a bit of water helps too.

Meal 1: Paleo Pad Thai

  • I plan to add a little vermacelli noodles or rice noodles tossed in (It’s also great without)
  • If adding noodles, make extra noodles and save for next day meal (Buddha Bowl)
  • Save some raw chopped cabbage for next day meal (Buddha Bowl)
  • make extra chicken and set aside for next days meal (Buddha Bowl). Freeze or refrigerate.
  • this recipe only calls for 1/4 cup of chicken broth so what remains on the carton we will use in our soup in Meal 3.



Meal 2: Buddha Bowl

  • Using leftover raw cabbage, noodles and chicken as well as anything else you have in your fridge (such as sliced avocado, nuts or seeds)
  • Grab my free “Get Your Energy Back” ebook for my tips on building a Buddha Bowl



Meal 3: Hearty Soup

  • You likely have most of a carton of chicken broth in your fridge from Meal 1, so today we will use it up.
  • Make it a hearty soup so it’s a satisfying meal and get lots of veg in there!
  • Use any meat or other protein source you have handy (either leftover in the fridge or from the freezer. Some ideas… chopped chicken breast, hamburger, sausage, ham or even chickpeas.
  • Use whatever veg you have in your fridge (bags of frozen veg works well too). Some ideas…chopped celery, carrot, peas, onion, broccoli florets, corn. And I bet you still have cabbage! Throw that sucker in there too! I always have little spinach cubes in the freezer and throw one or two of those in as well.
  • Add some seasonings. I like to add a little garlic powder and season to taste with salt and pepper. Dried herbs like parsley or dill are nice too.
  • Add in a starch (optional). No need to cook separately, just add in.  Some ideas…diced potato, gluten free macaroni, rice.
  • Any combo will turn out great but some nice combos I’ve tried using chicken broth are:
    • Chicken Noodle Soup – carrot, celery, chicken, noodles, dill, s&p
    • Hearty beef and potato soup – carrot, celery, ground beef, potato, peas, parsley, s&p
    • Ham and potato soup – ham, potato, corn, celery, carrot, onion (make it creamy by wisking dairy free milk and gluten free flour and adding in)

I love to store my leftover soup in mason jars. It’s a nice lunch for the next day, especially during this winter that seems to be going on forever!


eat good. feel good.



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