Meal Plan Sunday – Clean & Simple

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This supper plan is all about simplifying your week and being strategic. Make extra of one thing so you can use it the next night in a different way. For example, our dairy-free cheese sauce for our gluten-free Mac n “Cheese” turns into “cheese” sauce for our cauliflower the next night. We make extra chicken on Monday, chop and freeze for an easy topping on our grain-free Barbecue Chicken Pizza for a perfect Friday night supper. And I love making a big batch of warm, hearty soup on the weekend – and this one is a favourite. PLUS we save time by making extra brown rice noodles from our meal on Monday to add to our soup on the weekend.

I love setting up my plans like this so that eating healthy is no longer a lot of work. If it’s a lot of work we often tend to just reach for what is convenient. When you have a plan and you have things prepared you will stick with it! With out a plan or preparation making a change in your diet, and you health, is so hard.

So here is our meal plan for this week. If you are planning out your meals today, use it for some ideas or get the entire plan, shopping list, prep guide and more (plus our entire library of resources) and try out the Mama Recharged Membership free for 14 days! This promo likely won’t last long so check it out while you can for free!

Now here is this week’s membership supper plan!

For the full plan, shopping list, recipes and prep guide…plus much more, join our membership FREE for 14 days (more info below).

What’s your favourite go-to weekday meal?  Let us know over on Facebook.

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