Simple Dairy-Free Mac n’ Cheese

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Have you gone dairy free and gluten free but miss the comfort of mac n’ cheese? Well then I think you will love this!

This week I’m sharing a recipe for delicious and comforting Mac n’ Cheese, but the kicker is it’s dairy-free and gluten free! A simple supper that also sneaks in vegetables (in the form of carrots) that the kids will love too. It also may or may not be a great midnight snack right out of the fridge 😉

I love it with either a baked chicken or white fish and a garden salad. Tip: grate up a little extra carrot, while you’re at it, for your salad.

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Simple Dairy-Free Mac n' Cheese
Course Main Dish
Course Main Dish
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. To prepare cheese sauce, in a blender or food processor combine cashews and grated carrot with boiling water. Blend until smooth. Add remaining sauce ingredients and puree until creamy. Set aside. To prepare noodles, bring large pot of water to a boil. Add noodles and cook according to package instructions. Drain water. Place hot pasta back into pot and combine with cheese sauce. Add chopped onions at this point. Pour into a medium size baking dish and bake uncovered for 15 minutes. Serve hot.
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