Personal morning thoughts…a lesson for happiness.

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I’m getting back into the habit of gratitude journalling each morning. Actually you can find my full August Challenge here. It is just one part of my “Wake Up Earlier” routine where I include exercise, gratitude journalling, planning, consuming inspirational content etc all before the busyness of the day begins.

You’ve probably hear me talk about gratitude journaling before. I love it because it takes about 5 minutes but can really shift your (subconscious) way of thinking throughout the day. You can improve the quality of your life just by how you think about it.

As I was listing the things I was grateful for this morning I got thinking about where I was in my early 20s and where I am now. I will share with you what flowed onto the paper after that. I didn’t intend to share this with anyone. It’s my personal thoughts but after felt it was an important lesson to share.

When I was 23, living in a small apartment with a friend, sleeping on a blowup mattress, making just enough money to get by I would go for walks in a newer residential area just a couple blocks away. I would  look at the homes and dream of one day living there. I would think about what the people must be like that live in those homes. What their day looked like. The nice vehicles they drove. The life they lived with their little family. I loved taking those walks and just dreaming about some day having that.

I couldn’t have imagine then that in just 5 years I would have a house like that. And not too much later I would be living the life they lived with a new baby, the vehicle like they had, the well manicured, friendly neighbourhood….

My intention with sharing this is not to say “look at me” but to share a lesson I’ve learnt in it.

The lesson here is this…

We can get so consumed with the “I wish” in life. You get a new house but hear yourself saying “I wish I had a bigger bathroom” or maybe it’s “I wish my kids would sleep better”…  or whatever you find yourself “wishing” for.  It’s important to take a step back sometimes and think about where you came from and really feel that gratitude inside of what you have now.

Think about how little YOU would feel if she could see you now. I imagine the happiness and excitement that 23 year old would be feeling.

This little exercise will shift your thinking for the morning. And if you make a gratitude list a daily habit, it will start to shift your life! Try to challenge yourself to do this for the next month.

One extra little tip… since it’s way easier to be grateful for your kids when they are still sleeping and not when they are up and maybe climbing all over you ;). So I make sure I get my gratitude journaling in before they wake. But when they do wake I love them that much more.

Side Note: If you’re finding your life right now is not what you wanted to it be, then you might have to dig deep. Gratitude for …waking up today because that is not a given, or….That you have legs to walk on or….That you live in a safe place like Canada and not in a war torn country. I know it’s way easier to be grateful when things are going well so my heart goes out to you if you are finding yourself in a tough spot. But in this case it’s even more important to dig deep and be grateful. If you are struggling with this feel free to reach out to me.

“Be thankful for what you have and you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.”


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