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6:00 – Wake up, drink a large glass of water.

6:30 – Black coffee and peanut butter protein bar (my go-to breakfast). I love it because I wake up before the kids and really don’t want them to wake up that early as well. So it’s easy and quick. I do need some variety so I’m trying to find something else that goes nice with a coffee. I do sometimes replace the peanut butter for almond/sunflower seed combo.

8:00 Kids are awake and I’m ready for a snack. I grabbed apple slices with cinnamon and raw almonds. This is such a good combo. The crunch of the almonds with the sweetness of the apple. It’s also great because the fat and protein of the almonds helps to keep my blood sugar stable, preventing any hangry crashes later. The cinnamon tastes great but also helps to stabilize blood sugar.

10:30 Smoothie and a walk – this is my go-to smoothie. Usually I add banana as well but was out. It is berry blend, spinach cube, frozen avocado (buy lots when they are cheap then cut and freeze), cucumber, ground flax seed and almond milk. If you haven’t had green smoothies before they can be really tasty. I don’t taste the spinach or cucumber at all.

When it’s warm out I like to try to get a walk in. If I’m with the kids we stop at the park and I do a bit of a workout while they play. I usually try to do some pushups at the end of the slide, I will do lunges and and step ups quickly on a low bench or end of the slide.

12:00 – leftover from last night’s supper. It included steamed mixed vegetables, salad chicken and rice. I generally only spend time cooking once a day (supper) and the rest of the day I like to have leftovers or quick foods like bars from the freezer, pre-made salad, or smoothies.

2:30 – The afternoon was craft time with Ashton so that called for a coffee and another peanut butter protein bar. I probably already reached my peanut butter quota for the day but the toddler was finally asleep and I wanted something good with my coffee. I plan to make up some larabars or other healthy snack so I don’t eat so many of them. *She was having fun, even though it doesn’t look that way.

And gotta get my water in. The little house turned out pretty cute!

6:00 – Supper – We had nothing ready or planned for supper so we decided on spring rolls using avocado, cucumber, carrot, spinach, a bit of leftover rice and canned salmon all wrapped up in a rice paper roll. I dipped it in a bit of plum sauce. If you haven’t made these before they are good and pretty simple. You just need everything chopped (mostly matchstick size), then put the rice paper in hot water about a minute to soften, arrange and roll!

For an evening snack I will either likely have a little air-popped organic popcorn with the kids or maybe a smoothie.

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