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6:30 – large glass of water

7:00 – black coffee with a modified peanut butter protein bar. If you’ve been following these post for a bit you probably could have predicted my breakfast. I have it every. single. day. But let me tell you why I do that…and why I think it works. Your will-power is a finite resource…theres only so much will power each day. You don’t want your morning routine to include trying to decide between things like donuts, toast, pancakes vs a smoothie, protein bar, etc. You want it to be habit. You don’t want it to be a decision…it’s just what you do. On the other hand, if you eat the same food all the time every day you are more likely to develop an intolerance to it. So with my peanut butter bar I try to switch up the ingredients often, using different seed and/or nut butters in it often as well as sometimes using protein powder and sometimes replacing that with hemp seeds. You could even do a  couple weeks of a go-to breakfast then switch it up. But I love my pb bars in the morning with my coffee and haven’t found a better replacement so this is working for now.

9:00 – Morning Detox Shake. I’m trying out some new recipes for the Cleanse coming up and this was one. Filled with so much nutrition and it still tasted good! *I filled my smoothie cup up the night before (while making supper) with lettuce, cucumber and celery that way I’m more likely to stick to my plan. It’s a reminder when I open the fridge and it’s easy. Easton loves green smoothies. It’s such a good way to get those greens in that he otherwise wouldn’t eat. *he’s a tired boy here – woke up way too early. Smoothie included: romaine, celery, cucumber, avocado, spinach, frozen banana, frozen blueberries and water.

11:00 – On our way to the City to do some shopping so picked up a coffee to have with a couple “Real Deal Chocolate Chip cookies“. I now drink 1/2 decaf most of the time because I notice coffee can make me jittery and then results in a blood sugar crash. The 1/2 decaf helps as well as eating something with my coffee. It’s actually easier for me to give up bread than coffee. I might do better without it…but not quite ready for that yet.

12:00 – banana on the way home from shopping.

2:00 – late lunch of Sweet Potato Broccoli soup (from my free ebook) and salad (lettuce, green onion, avocado, celery, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, raisins, olive oil, s&p). That soup makes a huge batch so whenever I make it I fill jars and freeze (just leave space for expansion) and it makes enough for many suppers and lunches. And the salad I made beforehand at supper. It’s easier to stick to eating healthy with both the soup and salad ready in the fridge.

5:30 – Chicken stir fry and rice. To make it easy I used frozen vegetables. I added coconut aminos, garlic powder and s&p to season.

I will likely have a couple more cookies with almond milk this evening for a snack once the kidlets are in bed.

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