What I Ate

What I Ate


6:00 Large glass of water. So important to hydrate first thing! I actually find I have more energy than when I have no water first thing.

6:30 black coffee and peanut butter protein bar. I used to love cream and sugar in my coffee but I slowly weaned off of that and now I prefer it black…but I do love to pair it with something sweet (like a peanut butter bar) so maybe I’m not completely weaned from the sugar, actually stevia – in the case of the bar.

8:30 Sunrise Smoothie! I don’t follow a recipe for my smoothies, I just use what I have…but I do make sure I have a base of greens, some fruit (not too much), some fat and protein. This one is kale, frozen mango, banana, frozen avocado, ground flax, and cashew milk.

12:00 Sweet Potato Toast topped with avocado, tomato and bacon with a salad and homemade dressing (8 minute prep time – sweet potato toast and bacon were pre-cooked and in freezer and batch salad/dressing were pre-made).

2:00 More Coffee and Peanut Butter Protein Bar – this is my vice! I probably could have grabbed something more nourishing but I love to sit down for a cup of coffee and pb bar when Easton goes down for a nap. It’s some me time! If Ash is home I let her watch a show or youtube videos….and I do it without guilt! 🙂
 6:00 Thia and red wine! It was our 6 year anniversary so we treated ourselves to some Thai food. I got a chicken pad thai. It’s generally pretty easy to order gluten free at a thai restaurant as it’s mostly rice or rice noodles, I just make sure I ask. It was a huge portion so I cut this in half and saved the rest for another meal. If you are a Nivervillian…then you probably already know but we got it from Thia on 59. So good!

8:00 I carb’ed up already so just had an apple. I forgot a picture, but you know what an apple looks like 🙂

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