A Mama Recharged Valentines Day…

A Mama Recharged Valentines Day…

Mama Recharged recipes are full of high energy ingredients and free of the common energy drainers like dairy, gluten and refined sugar. I love to have fun with my kids and indulge a little over holidays like Valentines Day, just in a healthier way, so here are some of the ways I make our food more festive on Valentines Day!


Paleo Sugar Cookies

These buttery cookies are chewy and the frosting is killer and pipes better than any dairy/sugar free frosting I’ve ever tried. Get the recipes from ‘Against All Grainhere.

Heart Fruit Kabobs

Get your favourite fruit (melons work best) and a small heart shaped cookie cutter along with popsicle sticks and voila!

Cacao Mousse and Raspberry Parfaits

Light in texture and heavy on flavor…rich and chocolatey!  Small portions of this dessert are enough to tackle any sweet tooth.  I layered with juicy raspberries, but use any of your favorite berries! Get the recipe here.

Heart shaped pizza

Check out one of my favourite paleo pizza’s here. And that’s my sweet little girl on our first Valentines day together (she’s now 6)!

Heart shaped everything…

Grab a small heart shaped cookie cutter and cut your kids usual favourites like cheese, cucumbers, toast, pancakes, etc. into hearts.


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