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Get Your Energy Back with this Free

Recipe Guide and Meal Plan

We all could use more energy, especially moms! This guide gives you simple, easy recipes to get you on your way to having more energy so you can play with your kids after that long day and so you can truly enjoy this precious stage of your life with your littles!

I strongly believe that the single biggest thing you can do for your health, for your energy for clearer, glowing skin and to just plain feel good is to nourish your body with more plant foods. By consuming an abundance of both raw and cooked vegetables everyday your cells will get what they need to thrive.

What you'll get:

  • simple, clean snack ideas that are both kid and mom approved

  • 18 of my favourite, simple and delicious plant-rich recipes

  • prep and planning tips

  • 2-day meal plan

  • and a few more goodies!

Sneak Peak

Five years ago I would not have described myself as recharged. But that really is how I feel now AND that is what I want for other mamas who are finding themselves not feeling great. I'm on a mission to help those mamas to go from feeling just so damn tired all the time, possibly a little bloated and gassy, with some aches and pains and constant food cravings, to feeling more energized, a little happier and free from the control food has had over them! Does this sound like you? I have been there and I know you don't have to just accept feeling that way. You can feel great again! And because this time of your life is too precious to go through it feeling unwell. That is why I have created this recipe guide and plan. If you could change just one thing, flooding your body with the nutrients in plant food can make immense changes in the way you feel. It can provide your body with what it needs to heal and to thrive. My intent with this ebook is to help you add more plant food into your day. But I want it to be easy and I want it to be tasty. Because if it's not, it's generally not sustainable.

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