Meal Plan Sunday – New Year Plan

Meal Plan Sunday – New Year Plan

Simple ingredients made delicious is what this meal plan is all about. (*keep reading to see how you can get the full plan for free – no sign ups). We have trashed to common energy drainers for so many mamas (gluten, dairy, sugar and highly processed junk foods) and focused on the abundance of delicious high energy foods.

Some tips if you are meal planning today…don’t stress about calories or restricting portion size. Focus on nourishing foods. If you are eating nourishing foods, your body knows when to stop. When you are eating junk your body doesn’t know when to stop and just keeps wanting more – your satiety signal doesn’t get turned on which leads to even more cravings. So utilize whole foods in a delicious way for an easier way to lose weight and feel great without the deprivation, constant hunger and the oh-so-common love/hate relationship with food.

Watch for me LIVE this week on Facebook everyday at 10:00 am CST – I will be diving more into all of this (turn on notifications so you don’t miss it). I’m breaking things down for you and sharing exactly what I do to be able to stay on track with healthy eating, with weight loss, with really nourishing my body and feeling GOOD. When I don’t do these things I fall off track AND I often fall hard leaving me in a downward spiral of cravings, tiredness, moodiness, laziness, weight gain…I could go on.

ALSO!!! I’ve decided to give this week’s meal plan to all of you for FREE (and no need to sign up). Watch Monday’s Facebook Live at 10am CST to grab your plan for this week.

Now here is this week’s membership meal plan! (*remember to watch my LIVE tomorrow to get the full plan to your inbox, including recipes, shopping list and prep guide).

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